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The Top reasons you should buy Top Knobs & Pulls

Top Designs

A designer kitchen or a designer bath needs designer hardware – the hardware is the “jewelry” that finishes off a great look. Our designer-driven product collections embrace both traditional styles and today’s trends, with regular introductions of new designs, plus special catalog-only products available in-stock. Top Knobs designs also include less obvious features like pins that prevent knobs from turning, no sharp edges or open backs, and solid knobs and pulls that don’t have the “tink” sound of a hollow product.

Top Selection

23 product collections – each collection offering a unique style and a broad offering of 50 to 150 products within each style. Over 2500 products, each product and finish with its own part number to improve order accuracy. Chose a collection style ranging from authentic designed period pieces, traditional, contemporary, and transitional – a traditional look in a more contemporary finish, and special application products like our industry-leading range of appliance pulls.

Top Finishes

26 finishes to meet any design requirement and match any kitchen or bath. Top Knobs products have a sealed finish that doesn’t change or degrade over time like a living finish. Each product collection has multiple finishes available – pick your style and then your finish.

Top Quality

Every piece is hand-finished, hand-polished, and then prior to packaging, every piece is hand-inspected for quality. Top Knobs products are not just metal, they are a higher grade metal as well – high-grade brass, cast bronze, steel, and zinc alloy for long life, minimal wear, and best finishes. Our beauty is not just skin deep – you can feel the Top Knobs difference in the weight of our products simply by holding products in your hands. Feel the difference in weight. And the metal we use is listed next to each product – something other manufacturers won’t do.

Top Value

For the same price you would pay at a mass merchandiser do-it-yourself store, Top Knobs products have more authentic and innovative designs, higher quality metals, are precision manufactured, hand-finished, and individually inspected.

Top Warranty

Top Knobs products have a Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser for defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Top Service

98+% of our orders ship from the Top Knobs warehouse in 24 hours – 1 piece or 1000 pieces. Each piece is individually cushioned and individually bagged for shipment – this prevents having to deal with damaged product and a possible delay to your project.

Top Installation

Installation goes smoothly. Top Knobs products are individually inspected for quality, ship fast, arrive undamaged, come with standard and long screws, have burr-free screw holes, and have consistent center-to-center hole dimensions for predictable, fast and attractive installation.

Top Stock

Over 2500 part numbers, 23 product collections, 26 finishes, specialty products, all with several months worth of stock and available for immediate shipment. We specialize in last-minute orders, and have the inventory to support them.